Adult patient  I class treatment with braces Damon Clear and Q2

Patient Tatiana, 30 years
Date 01.2020
Treatment with Damon - Clear braces and Q2 braces.

Tatiana,  30 years old,  came  with complaints of her narrow upper and lower jaw, crowding, midline shifting, teeth abrasions and gum recessions.

Diagnosis – Angle class I narrow upper  jaw and lower jaw, crowding and rotations of upper and lower incisors and premolars, asymmetry of smile, teeth abrasions and gum recessions.

Treatment goal – expansion on the upper and lower jaws with wires, derotation and alignment  of all teeth, correction of asymmetric smile line, creating stable occlusion.  

Treatment was held with Damon-Clear braces and Damon Q2 braces during 18 months . We have done expansion with wires, correct teeth positions with IPR (interproximal reduction).

After treatment we installed 2 non-removable retainers on upper and lower jaws and made 2 removable retainers to maintain stable occlusion.

Before treatment

After debonding and cleaning

Doctors who treated

Dr. Natalia Lola
specialist orthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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