Anya’s story

Patient Anya, 5 years old
Date 05.2024

Anya was only five years old when she first met me in early May for dental treatment.

At the initial appointment, the doctor explained to her mother that it is important to first establish a trusting relationship with young children. Therefore, during this visit, only an examination, photographs, and X-rays were taken. Additionally, to ensure Anya wouldn’t be scared, they conducted a rehearsal of the treatment, explaining how everything would proceed.

When it was discovered that Anya had cavities in three teeth, one of which was particularly severe, it became clear that local anesthesia would be necessary. The sensation of numbness can often frighten children, so the doctor and mother decided to use nitrous oxide sedation to make Anya more comfortable.

Special attention was given to teeth 8.4 and 8.5. The X-ray showed a deep carious lesion on the distal surface of tooth 8.4. The exact diagnosis could only be made during the procedure because the extent of the dentin damage was unknown.

First, they applied a topical anesthetic gel to numb the injection site, and then used computer-controlled anesthesia. During the treatment, the coronal pulp of tooth 8.4 was removed. Fortunately, the tissues at the canal openings appeared healthy, and there was no significant bleeding. This allowed the diagnosis of reversible pulpitis, meaning the root pulp was not infected. Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) was applied to the cavity and canal openings, which was then covered with a glass ionomer cement insulating layer.

The tooth was prepared for a white BioFlx crown, as Anya performs on stage, and a standard metal crown might attract too much attention. After placing the crown, they checked to ensure it did not alter the bite and was at the correct level.

The treatment was successful, and the little patient deservedly went off to enjoy some ice cream. Her mother was given care instructions for Anya’s gums for the next 5-7 days to ensure proper healing.

A week later, we met for the treatment of the remaining teeth and took a photograph of the tooth with the crown. The photo shows that the healing process was perfect. Anya’s tooth no longer hurts.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Kristina Polyakova
general dentist, pediatric dentist, hygienist;
languages: English, Russian
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