Atraumatic extraction of a milk tooth in case of inflammation

Patient Veronica, 8 years old

Veronica came to our clinic late at night with swelling and acute pain in her lower milk tooth.


First appointment: at the first visit we noticed that the tooth had not been treated in time and unfortunately the pain and swelling did not allow Veronica to take a clear picture and communicate enough to perform the manipulation and we decided to control the inflammatory process with antibacterial therapy and to perform the extraction of the tooth in a less acute phase.


Chronic apical periodontitis of tooth 85 in the stage of the exacerbation.

Course of treatment

Under nitrous oxide and conductive anesthesia, we turned on the favorite cartoon Luntik and began the manipulation.

It was decided to extract the tooth using the fragmentation method. We carefully divided the tooth into two parts and easily removed the tooth fragments without pressure and pain, then we went to choose ice cream and presents.

As can be seen in the photo with the extracted teeth, there is a cyst on the roots.

Treatment result

Veronica did not even realize how we extracted the tooth, she received gifts, a diploma for courage and was happy with the result of treatment.

Treatment time: 20 minutes 
Cost: 740 AED

Doctors who treated

Dr. Eldar Guseinov
pediatric dentist;
languages: English, Russian, Turkish
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