Installation of a tooth after trauma with subsequent fixation using retainers

Patient Petr, 9 y.o.
Date 6.11.2023
Petr is 9 y.o. boy who is very active. He got a trauma of the upper teeth — complete loss of 21 tooth. Fortunately Petr’s parents knew how to act in this emergency case and acted quickly which allowed our team to save a tooth.

Diagnosis: avulsion of 21 tooth

Course of treatment lasted at 7 appointments and 3 procedures during 2 months.

The First appointment

The 21 tooth was found by parents and brought to our clinic in a 1 hours after trauma.

Parents found the tooth and put it in the milk to save bioenvironmental  the root surface. This action was totally right!

We cleaned it, rinsed a wound in the mouth cavity and replaced the 21 tooth in the alveola.

The replacement of the tooth was done with x-ray control.

The replaced tooth was fixed to the 11 tooth with the retainer.

The Third appointment in a 2 weeks

We put the second retainer to provide better immobilisation as the main reason for smooth recovery process.

Result of treatment

Final appointment in a 2 month after trauma — X ray, no complication in perioapical area due to inflammation after avulsion. The retainer was removed, teeth were polished.


  • In the trauma day- to avoid any kind of chewing and biting for 10 days.
  • To take medicine and save individual dental care at home was also extremely important.

Time and cost of treatment

Time of treatment: 2 months.

Cost of treatment: 2700 AED.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Kristina Polyakova
general dentist, pediatric dentist, hygienist;
languages: English, Russian
Dr. Eldar Guseinov
general dentist, pediatric dentist;
languages: English, Russian, Turkish
Dr. Varvara Vislenko
Founder, CEO, CMO
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