Bone augmentation (sinus lift) simultaneously with implant placement

Patient Evgenia
Date 09.23

Initial situation

Patient Evgenia came to us with a complaint on the absence of a chewing tooth on the left upper jaw, which was extracted more than 10 years ago in her homeland in Belarus. During the clinical examination, the absence of tooth 26 was noted.

During the CT scan analysis, we discovered that the bone height to the bottom of the maxillary sinus in the area of ​​the missing tooth was not enough to install an implant, so a procedure for increasing the bone under the sinus (sinus lift) was planned simultaneously with the installation of the implant.

Process of the surgery

Under local anesthesia, a sinus lift was performed using an artificial bone substitute and at the same time an implant was placed and sutures were applied.

Analyzing the control CT scan performed immediately after the surgery, we observe the installed implant and the result of a successful sinus lift: the bone substitute lies neatly around the implant.

The patient strictly followed all recommendations:

– Antibiotic prophylaxis

– Painkillers for postoperative comfort

– Oral rinses with an antiseptic solution 4 times a day for 7 days

– Apply ice for 15 minutes for the next few hours

– Refrain from hot food and drinks, physical activity, and being in the heat for several days

– Do not chew rough food on the surgery side during the implant healing period

– Do not sneeze, do not blow the nose, do not fly on an airplane for 3-4 weeks

4 months after the surgery, the patient came to our clinic for the second stage – opening the implant.

After performing a CT, we ensured that the implant and bone substitute were integrated, and began to open the implant.

Under local anesthesia, a healing abutment was fixed to the implant, a gum graft was transplanted to thicken the gums, and sutures were applied.

It took 3 weeks for a permanent zirconium crown to be fabricated and fixed to the implant.

At the follow-up examination 2 weeks later, we can observe the result of a job well done. The crown on the implant is specially made slightly whiter than the rest of the teeth, since the patient plans to whiten her teeth in the future.

During the fitting, we assessed the aesthetics, gum contour and bite, which completely satisfied both the prosthodontist and the patient, so we decided to immediately fix the crown.

There were no specific recommendations after fixation of a single crown.

Duration of the surgery – 1 hour

Total cost of implantation and crown – 16,900 AED

Doctors who treated

Dr. Aleksandr Siniakov
specialist Oral Surgery, implantologist, periodontist;
languages: English, Russian
Dr. Eduard Ziganshin
general dentist, prosthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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