Manufacturing and installation of an E-Max veneer on a damaged tooth

Patient Ольга
Date 17.07.2023
Fabrication and adhesive fixation of ceramic E.max onlay on a severely decayed molar tooth.

Patient Olga visited our clinic complaining on debonding of an old zirconium onlay that had been fabricated in another clinic just a couple of weeks ago.


Visually during clinical examination and on x-ray we can see that there is a rather thick layer of cement from the old onlay.

A thick layer of cement is usually an indicator of low precision in the fabrication of the restoration. Furthermore, the thicker the layer of cements, the higher the risk of debonding. In that case, existing “protective layer” of cement resulted that the vital tooth did not bother the patient in any way and did not react to the temperature, even though the defect was quite deep.

A failed composite restoration with secondary caries underneath was also detected on the vestibular surface of the tooth.

It was decided to treat the caries and extend ceramic restoration on vestibular surface to cover treated area.


On the first visit we treated and cleaned the tooth surface from the old cement, under which we found two decays.

Conclusion: it is good that the debonding took place now at the caries stage and not when everything has grown into inflammation of the pulp of the tooth.

The tooth was thoroughly and carefully cleaned of carious tissue. We made silicone impressions, which were sent to the dental lab along with all the necessary photo protocol. The tooth was closed with a temporary crown.

Treatment result

After 5 days, patient was invited to clinic for ceramic onlay try-in.

We evaluated the precision of the marginal fit of the restoration, the bite, and the color. After minor corrections, the ceramics were fixed following an adhesive protocol.


No specific recommendations or restrictions are given after this procedure. The patient is cautioned that there may be slight tooth sensitivity in the first few days after cementation. This is due to the depth of the cavity.

Duration and cost of treatment

The entire working process on this tooth took 5 days.

Cost: 1 ceramic onlay – 2.000 AED.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Eduard Ziganshin
general dentist, prosthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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