Continuation of orthodontic treatment (patient came with braces)

Patient Valeriya

Valeriya visited Polar Bear Dental Clinic in May 2023 to continue her orthodontic treatment. It was started about a year ago, in 2022, and she needs to follow the initial plan.

Intraorally we can see that lower jaw is positioned posteriorly as compared to upper jaw, and there is space between upper and lower teeth called overjet. That means treatment plan should involve moving all upper teeth backwards. Most of her braces need to be fixed in better positions to allow teeth take more natural positions also. So we decided to change her braces to new as we already knew that most of her braces need to be refixed.

Valerya’s complaints: spacing between anterior teeth, which was not present before orthodontic treatment and periodic short acute pain in upper left lateral incisor. On X-ray we can see that this tooth experiences large stress being pulled out of bone and the cause of pain is here.

These 2 problems were caused by pulling upper teeth backwards to infrazygomatic temporary anchorage screws, but the mechanics of this teeth movement were incorrect. So the key to solve problems was still to pull teeth back but maintaining their inclination to keep the roots inside the bone.

We started with bonding new braces, teeth alignment, then we moved upper teeth backwards en masse (altogether at once), some finishing improvements, and voila: final result.

The teeth roots are inside the bone, no unnecessary overjet present, teeth are straight and Valeriya is happy finally to be without braces. We secured our result with both fixed and removable retainers. Treatment took 12 months.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Ekaterina Kuzheleva
specialist orthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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