Crown for a baby tooth: immediately or later

Crown on a temporary tooth after treatment of pulpits

Patient Maxim, 8 y.o.
Date 1 June 2023
Maxim is 8 years old, he recently treated pulpitis of a baby tooth in another clinic. He came to us with a complaint about the loss of the filling from this tooth.


After taking a x-ray and photo protocol, it became clear that we are not going into the root system of the tooth, the roots are still long, but the crown part of the tooth must be restored reliably.


The photo BEFORE shows how few of the tooth’s own walls remained-this was the reason for the crack and destruction of the composite restoration (fillings).
Filling materials are not designed to create whole teeth from them!

Treatment done


So that Maxim could safely continue to use it until the tooth falls out, we treated and closed the tooth with a standard metal crown in just five minutes.

The tightness of the previous treatment will remain under the crown, and it will not affect the process of root resorption: when it comes time to change the tooth, it will simply fall out.

Price and time of treatment

The treatment time is 15 minutes
The cost of treatment: AED 650 (crown + Xray)



Dear parents, do not be afraid to close the tooth with a crown immediately after the treatment of a baby tooth on the recommendation of a doctor.
This is the fastest and most reliable way not to return to the issue of tooth restoration.
Please do not exceed the indications.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Varvara Vislenko
Founder of the clinics “White Bear” (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Polar Bear General Dental Clinic (Dubai, UAE)
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