Defective fillings

Caries treatment

Patient Svetlana
Date March, 16 2022
Svetlana, our patient came from a different city for the purpose of the complex treatment of the oral cavity. In this case, I will review a fragment of our treatment.

Course of treatment

On one of the visits, we scheduled dental treatment to teeth 2.5,2.4, and 2.3. What do we see in the “before” photo?

There are defective fillings on the teeth with a violation of the marginal fit and signs of secondary caries. The patient said that sometimes food gets stuck between her teeth 2.4 and 2.5. Reactions to temperature stimuli are not noted.

The treatment of these teeth was carried out in one visit using a microscope.

In the course of treatment

We begin our treatment with the high-quality anesthesia. Then we clean the teeth with a special brush and paste – the area of work should be as clean as possible. Under anesthesia, we begin processing the teeth. Having removed all the tissues affected by caries, we smooth the walls and create smooth transitions for a better fit of the composite to the tissues of the teeth. Before starting the restoration, we isolate the teeth with a rubber dam. This step should not be skipped, as it is important for us that saliva and blood do not get on the prepared tissues. This can lead to secondary caries and leaky restorations. The final touch is the treatment of teeth with a Rondoflex sandblasting machine with 27-micron aluminum oxide particles. This will help us to roughen the tissues for a better adhesion to the composite in the future.

Teeth are now prepared for restoration!

For better “bonding” of the composite to the tooth tissues, we use OptiBondFL, the 4th generation adhesive system. Next, we start with the restoration of the walls. To do this, we use matrices and a peg. Once the walls are ready, we can begin to restore the anatomy of the chewing surface of the teeth. We use Ceram X composite materials in shades A3 and A2, and to add volume, we add “ocher” color to the fissures. Restoration is now completed.

After removing the rubber dam, we correct the restorations according to the bite, and check the contact points. For grinding and polishing, we use special rubber bands of different hardness, discs, brushes, and strips for polishing the side walls. Polish until the dry shine!

Treatment outcome

Before treatment
After treatment

Doctors who treated

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