Endodontic treatment of tooth no. 17 with deep caries and long-curved canals

Patient Ilya, 42 years
Date 03.2024

42 year old male patient named Ilya was referred by our GP collegue for endodontic opinion and management of tooth no. 17 having deep caries and periapical pathology with palatal root.

On examination Tooth no. 17 was deeply carious (distally) along with periapical pathology associated with palatal root confirmed on radiograph and CBCT.


Chronic apical periodontitis of tooth no.17

Treatment Process:

Treatment done in 2 visits due to restorative challenge requiring soft tissue optimization, deep margin elevation, management of long and curved canals.

Visit 1:

Under local anesthesia and after rubber dam placement caries excavation was done and subsequently caries driven access opening to pulp chamber using magnification (microscope). Gingival trimming with ceramic bur followed by further caries excavation done to expose sound caries free tooth margin. After achieving hemostasis  deep margin elevation with composite resin was done in order to facilitate proper isolation and restoration subsequently. All canals located, cleaned and shaped followed by placement of intracanal medication.

Step by step caries caries removal:

Caries driven access opening to pulp chamber, caries free margin exposed, Deep margin elevation with composite.

Visit 3:

Under local anaesthesia rubber dam application was done followed by cleaning of canals. After which the canals of teeth no.17 were dried and obturated (filled) using warm vertical compacation (Thermoplastic obturation).Tooth was then restored with composite core. Patient has also been advised extraction of impacted tooth no. 18 and endodontic treatment of tooth 16 showing apical periodontitis with buccal roots.

Master cone selction and obturation:

Final restoration

Time: 2.5 hours (2 visits)

Cost: 2950 AED

Doctors who treated

Dr. Riyaz Godil
specialist endodontist;
languages: English, Arabic, Hindi
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