Excessive teeth proclination and incisors trauma

Patient Leu
Date 02.07.2023
Leu’s upper central incisors were hit and fractured 3 weeks before he visited our clinic. He previously had increased proclination of upper anterior teeth but now the problem became more serious as teeth moved forward after trauma.

The root of the problem is that lower jaw is too posterior as compared to upper, so that there is large antero-posterior space between upper and lower teeth and lower lip is likely to be positioned behind the upper teeth. This causes aesthetic problem and worsenes situation with bite.

Such condition is called “2nd class division 1 malocclusion” in Angle’s orthodontic classification.

 It is usually treated with lower jaw advancement with fixed or removable appliances in adolescence, but now as the boy is yet not in growth spurt we can only decline upper incisors more posteriorly to avoid the new trauma and wait for the growth spurt to provide complete treatment. 

We made the scans of Leu’s jaws and sent them to dental lab for appliance manufacturing.

It has a metal bow in the front to retrocline upper incisors and is worn 24 hours a day not less than 6 months except when having meals and cleaning teeth.


Also we asked Leu to keep his lips together to help upper incisors go backwards with the lips pressure. Now we wait Leu for the next visit to assess the treatment progress as part of periodic orthodontic examination before complete treatment plan.

Cost of treatment

1950 AED

Doctors who treated

Dr. Ekaterina Kuzheleva
specialist orthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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