Extraction of a milk tooth and placement of a placeholder

Patient Alexander, 8 years old

Sasha came to the clinic with a pain when biting on the upper jaw tooth on the right side.


After examination, a panoramic X-ray was taken for a comprehensive diagnosis of the alternate bite.

First Appointment 

After the diagnosis, the decision was made to remove the primary tooth 54 and take an impression for the fabrication of a space maintainer, as the permanent tooth 16 is still in the bone and during eruption may cause displacement of the primary tooth 55 into the position of the removed 54.


Chronic apical periodontitis of tooth 54. 

Treatment Process 

Under nitrous oxide sedation and computer anesthesia, we performed pain-free and fear-free extraction of tooth 54.

Second Visit 

We waited for the gums to heal and for the space maintainer to be fabricated in the laboratory. After a week, we invited the patient for installation.

Treatment result 

Sasha enjoyed having teeth removed under nitrous oxide sedation; he was completely relaxed and calm throughout the entire treatment.

Treatment Duration: 1 week. 
Cost: 1640 AED.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Eldar Guseinov
pediatric dentist;
languages: English, Russian, Turkish
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