Extraction of a tooth with simultaneous placement of a Straumann implant and fabrication of a gum former

Patient Elena
Date 14.11.2023

Initial situation

Patient Elena came to us with periodically occurring pain in the area of the lower molar tooth on the left, which had been treated over the past few years in several clinics by different specialists, and a year ago, after another retreatment, it was covered with a crown.

Examining the oral cavity, you can’t even say that the lower first molar on the left has any issues: a high-quality crown fits beautifully into the patient’s dentition. However, on a Computer Tomography (CBCT), we see that there is a focus of inflammation around both roots, which arose due to an infection in the root canals of the tooth, which was unsuccessfully treated for several years by different doctors, as well as filling material that was extruded beyond the apex of the root.

At a joint consultation with our team, Elena was offered two options to solve her problem: either try to treat the tooth again, or extract the tooth and install an implant instead. The patient chose the second option, and this was not a surprise: Elena was tired of numerous tooth retreatments and no longer believed in the success of the next one.


Progress of the procedure

The tooth was carefully extracted under local anesthesia. It was very important to preserve all the structures surrounding the tooth (bone walls and gum) in order to be able to immediately place an implant. The inflammatory tissue surrounding the apex of the tooth roots and the extruded filling material were also removed.


A Swiss Straumann implant was placed in the socket into the interradicular septum under radiological control.


Using a temporary abutment and a flowable composite, an individual healing abutment was immediately made to preserve the natural profile of the gums.

Individual healing abutment

Result of the treatment

1,5 hours after the start of the procedure, the patient left the clinic with a tooth replaced with an implant, and an individual healing abutment, which will be replaced with a permanent crown in 2 months, when the implant will be integrated.



  • Antibiotic prophylaxis;
  • Painkillers in the presence of postoperative discomfort;
  • Oral rinses with an antiseptic solution 4 times a day for 7 days;
  • Avoid all physical activities, exposure to heating and hot food and drink for several days;
  • Do not chew rough food on the left side during the implant healing period.

Duration and cost of the treatment

Duration of the procedure – 1,5 hours.

Total cost of the procedure – 5 985 AED.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Aleksandr Siniakov
specialist Oral Surgery, implantologist, periodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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