Extraction of wisdom teeth, which all doctors in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi refused

Patient Adele
Date 11.2023

Initial situation

OPTG Before

Patient Adele wanted to correct her bite, and consultations with several orthodontists ended with the same thing – the patient was referred for the wisdom teeth extraction to create space in the lower jaw. However, all oral surgeons in the nearest emirates (Abu-Dhabi and Dubai) refused to remove her wisdom teeth due to the “complex” anatomy of the roots and their proximity to the mandibular nerve. Adele turned to me with the words “you are my last hope.”

In the panoramic reconstruction of the CT scan, we see that the shape of the roots of both lower wisdom teeth are indeed complex, and they are indeed located in close proximity to the mandibular nerve.


Analyzing the anatomy of each wisdom tooth in detail on a CT scan, we see that both roots of the right wisdom tooth are bent backward by more than 90 degrees, and the cross-sectional shape of one of the roots is extremely uneven (marked by the red arrow).

The roots of the left wisdom tooth, on the contrary, bend, converge with each other, and also touch the mandibular nerve (marked with a yellow arrow). Incorrect removal of such a tooth can lead to injury to this nerve and impaired sensitivity of the lower lip.

Despite the complex anatomy, removing such teeth is not difficult for an experienced surgeon with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and equipment, so I was pleased to offer Adele the removal of both teeth.

CBCT After

Under local anesthesia, the right wisdom tooth was carefully extracted in 15 minutes, and the inspired patient asked to extract the left wisdom tooth at the same visit.

On the control tomography we see the contours of the sockets of carefully extracted wisdom teeth, and at the control examination on the next day the patient did not note any pain, as well as disturbances in the sensitivity of the skin of the lower lip.


– Antibiotic prophylaxis

– Painkillers for postoperative comfort

– Oral rinses with an antiseptic solution 4 times a day for 7 days

– Refrain from hot food and drinks, physical activity, and being in the heat for several days

– Do not chew rough food for several days

Duration of the surgery – 30 minutes

Total cost of extraction – 2500 AED

Doctors who treated

Dr. Aleksandr Siniakov
specialist Oral Surgery, implantologist, periodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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