Fabrication and placement of a ceramic crown on a severely decayed tooth

Patient Andrei
Date 09.06.2023

Patient Andrei complained of a chipped tooth 2.6.


The tooth was previously treated, composite restoration was placed. Examination shows secondary caries under the old filling.

A CBCT scan was performed to diagnose the condition of the tooth and periapical tissues. The CBCT scan revealed apical periodontitis, a small inflammation in the bone behind the apex of this tooth.


It was decided to first perform endodontic re-treatment of the tooth by our endodontist Marina Antonyuk. Marina re-treated the canals, where there was inflammation, changed the old restoration, having previously treated the secondary caries. After that the patient was referred to prosthodontist Eduard Ziganshin for fabrication of a ceramic crown. The prosthodontist performed tooth treatment, intraoral scanning instead of silicone impressions. The advantage of intraoral scanning is its high accuracy and speed. Before the patient even leaves the clinic, the digital scans of the jaws are already sent to the laboratory to begin crown fabrication process. It is also sometimes the only possible option for obtaining a digital impression in patients with increased gag reflex, in which it is impossible to make traditional silicone impressions.

Treatment Result

After 5 days, we received the final ceramic crown from the dental laboratory, which was fabricated in a fully digital protocol. The crown was tried on, checked for marginal fit, bite, color and contact with adjacent teeth. After the patient’s approval, the ceramic crown was fixed in the oral cavity.


No special recommendations or restrictions are imposed after the crown is fixed. The tooth can be chewed immediately.


The whole process of working on this tooth, from endodontic treatment to fixation of the finished crown, took 2 weeks.


Treatment – 1250 AED, Crown – 2000 AED

Doctors who treated

Dr. Eduard Ziganshin
general dentist, prosthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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