Fabrication and placement of a new ceramic veneer instead of the chipped one

Patient Monica
Date 30.05.2023

Patient Monika came to the clinic with a complaint of chipping of the old ceramic veneer on tooth.


According to the patient, she had ceramic veneers placed on the entire smile zone 4 years ago. On visual inspection we see a previously treated tooth with remnants of fixative composite. The tooth is vital.

Treatment progress

In the first visit the tooth surface was prepared and cleaned from the old cement, silicone impressions were made. The necessary photo-protocol was performed so that the dental laboratory could accurately match the tone, color, texture and transparency of the future ceramic restoration to the existing veneers.

What’s more, through the doctor who installed all these restorations, we got the contacts of the dental lab that made these veneers. Their dental technicians gave us all the information we needed, which helped us to easily fabricate a veneer not dissimilar to the existing ones.

Treatment result

After 4 days, we invited the patient for a try in of the ceramic veneer. We evaluated both the aesthetic component and the accuracy of fabrication and fit of the veneer. After all the necessary checks and the patient’s approval, the ceramic restoration was fixed.

As we can see, the new veneer is the same as the existing ones.


No special recommendations or restrictions are imposed after this procedure.


The whole process of working on this tooth took 4 working days.


1 ceramic veneer – 2 AED

Doctors who treated

Dr. Eduard Ziganshin
general dentist, prosthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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