Fabrication of a zirconia crown on a previously placed implant

Patient Olga
Date 30.05.2023

Patient Olga came to the clinic with a request to make a zirconium crown on the implant previously placed (in Russia).


The first thing was to find out what type of implant was placed; the necessary components were ordered. Visual examination revealed a small soft tissue depression around the installed implant buccally, soft tissue augmentation was proposed, but the patient refused, as she was in the first trimester of pregnancy, and her main wish was minimal invasiveness of the procedures.

Treatment progress

On the first visit, digital scans of the jaws were taken, and the design and color of the future crown was determined. Digital scans were sent to the dental laboratory for virtual design and fabrication of the structure.

Treatment result

About a week later we received the final zirconium crown, the fitting and fixation of the crown was carried out.

The screw retained type of fixation was chosen, when the crown is directly screwed into the implant, later the hole in the crown is closed with composite, as in case of usual caries. This type of fixation allows to perform necessary corrections and maintenance of the structure at any time without the need to remake the crown.


After fixation of the implant crowns, we ask to gradually increase the load on the zone of the newly appeared tooth in order to avoid discomfort in the zone of the antagonist tooth, which has been unloaded for a long time.


The whole process of working on this tooth took 1.5 weeks.


Zirconia crown on implant (Korea) – 3600 AED

Doctors who treated

Dr. Eduard Ziganshin
general dentist, prosthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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