II class and deep bite correction in adult patient

Patient Elena
Date 10.2021
Treatment with ceramic braces and Twin-Force appliance

Elena, 37 years old,  came  with complaints of her narrow upper and lower jaw, crowding, protrusion of teeth, gap between upper and lower jaws, asymmetric smile, deep bite and teeth abrasions.

Diagnosis – Angle class II div.1, deep bite, saggital gap 6 mm, narrow upper  jaw and lower jaw, crowding and rotations of upper and lower incisors and premolars, asymmetry of smile, no space for implant of the tooth 3.6.

Treatment goal – expansion on the upper and lower jaws, correction of the lower jaw position, derotation and alignment  of all teeth, correction of asymmetric smile line, creating stable occlusion, correcting of deep bite.  

Treatment was held for 2 years  with ceramic braces and applince for lower jaw correction TwinForce. We have done expansion with wires, correct lower jaw position with TwinForce appliance. During  treatment was installed implant of missing tooth 3.6.

After treatment we installed 2 non-removable retainers on upper and lower jaws and made 2 removable retainers to maintain stable occlusion.

Before treatment.

After braces debonding and cleaning. 

Doctors who treated

Dr. Natalia Lola
specialist orthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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