Manufacturing and installation of permanent zirconia crowns on implants

Patient Alexander
Replacement of previously fabricated temporary plastic implant crowns with permanent zirconia crowns.

Alexander came to the clinic with a complaint of loosening of the existing plastic crowns on implants. According to the patient, temporary crowns have been placed in Russia three years ago, after which he had to leave the country and had not been able to replace them with permanent crowns. It was explained to the patient that it would be better to replace the existing crowns with permanent ones to avoid possible problems with the implants.


The first step was to take targeted x-rays of the implants to assess their condition. The images show that there is nothing wrong with the implants, they are osseointegrated and the bone level is good.

Next, the temporary crowns were removed to assess the condition of the soft tissue around the implants. We can see that the gingiva is quiescent, with no signs of inflammation.

The fabrication of the permanent zirconia crowns can begin.

Treatment progress

On the first visit, silicone impressions were taken from all implants and the temporary crowns were put back in place.

The impressions were sent to the laboratory for planning and fabrication of new crowns. The patient is invited back in a week for a future crowns try in.

Treatment result

At the second appointment, we performed a fitting of the final zirconia restorations. We paid special attention to evaluating the bite and gingival contour of the new crowns.

New X-rays were taken to check the fit of the restorations.

Both doctor and patient were satisfied with the result, so the crowns were fixed on the same visit. 


After fixation of the crowns on implants the patient is advised to maintain proper hygiene in the areas of the crowns, do not forget to floss, buy an irrigator to rinse the interdental spaces.

Duration and cost of treatment

The whole process of working on zirconium crowns took 1 week.

5 implant crowns (Straumann): 5 x 4 200 = 21 000 AED.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Eduard Ziganshin
general dentist, prosthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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