Invisalign Aligners for a teenager: crowding and II class malocclusion

Patient Ekaterina

Ekaterina, 13 years old, visited our clinic to fix her crowded teeth.

She was previously treated with removable orthodontic appliance for lower jaw advancement, result is controversial.

Now what we see in her mouth: deep bite, 2 class molar and canine relation with increased overjet and, of course, moderate crowding, which is main complaint.

We decided this can be solved with clear aligners: align teeth crowding, intrude lower incisors to improve deep bite, procline lower incisors to close overjet.

After scanning for Invisalign we received the set of 23 aligners, and Ekaterina finished to wear them in 7 months.

The result was still not ideal, and new scan was made to manufacture additional aligners, which were expected to improve interarch contacts and resolve the rest of crowding.

After 3 months of wearing the second set of 7 aligners we were satisfied with teeth position and appearance. Attachments were removed, 2 fixed retainers bonded and 2 removable retainers manufactured to wear them at night for 1 year.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Ekaterina Kuzheleva
specialist orthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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