Invisalign treatment case

Patient David
Date May 2023

David visited our clinic for the first time in May 2023. He and his mom were unsatisfied with multiple rotated teeth and wanted to fix teeth irregularity in short terms. They have learned enough on the internet about clear aligner therapy and were interested in such treatments.

On orthodontist examination I see vertical growth type, 1st class molar and canine relation, no midline discrepancy, no occlusal plane inclination.

Before: Left
Before: Right
Before: Front

Wisdom teeth germs are seen on panoramic X-ray, except lower right, congenitally missing. There is too small possibility for them to erupt properly, so most likely 3rd molars will be extracted in late adolescence to prevent complications. The only problem of David’s teeth was crowding which can be described as “moderate”.

Panoramic X-ray

So, after professional hygiene David’s teeth were scanned for Invisalign and in approximately 3 weeks we received his set of aligners in Polar Bear Clinic.

His treatment plan consisted of 14 pairs of aligners, one week for each, 22 hours a day. So, treatment time was 14 weeks.

After the last aligner was worn for 1 week, I invited David to the clinic to decide if we maintain current teeth position or we need further treatment and more aligners to order. Intraoral photos were made and new teeth appearance seems very nice to me and David (and his mom!). I fixed metal wire retainer on lower front teeth and ordered removable retainers on upper and lower jaw for David to wear them at night.

After: Left
After: Right
After: Front

Doctors who treated

Dr. Ekaterina Kuzheleva
specialist orthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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