Invisalign treatment of a teenager living abroad

Patient Nika
Date 07.2023

Nika came to Polar Bear Dental Clinic in July 2023 complaining for crowded teeth and general dissatisfaction with her smile appearance.

Intraorally we could see 1 class molar relation and almost normal bite with no midline discrepancy or occlusal plane roll, only pure crowding.

We decided to make Invisalign aligners. Her treatment plan included 20 aligners initially and 12 additional aligners, each of them was worn thoroughly, though we faced some issues with maintaining proper level of hygiene. Overall treatment time was 10 months.

As patient is an international student, she was able to visit us only in term breaks. But we managed to conduct treatment in proper way and secured the finish with lower fixed and upper/lower removable retainers.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Ekaterina Kuzheleva
specialist orthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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