Patient Rehabilitation after Unsuccessful Treatment of All Molar Teeth

Patient Alexander, 5 years old
Alexander came to our clinic for his first visit with his father. Earlier, treatment of milk teeth was performed using colored fillings "Twinkie Star."


We conducted an examination and decided to start with diagnostics. A panoramic X-ray was taken, revealing all existing problems, and a treatment plan was devised for several visits.

Treatment process

Together with Alexander’s parents, we decided that it would be easiest to proceed with treatment using nitrous oxide, a special nose mask that helps relax and tolerate procedures better.

1st visit: Removal of the decayed tooth 64 and treatment of adjacent teeth 65 and 63 with composite fillings. Then, the space after tooth removal was preserved with an orthodontic appliance-space maintainer.

2nd visit: After isolating the teeth with a rubber dam, we noticed significant secondary caries on all previously treated teeth.

Unfortunately, caries had reached the pulp in tooth 53, so we performed nerve removal, canal filling, and covered the tooth with a ceramic crown.

Teeth 55 and 54 received metal crowns, while tooth 52 was restored with composite material.

3rd visit:

We removed old fillings and discovered deep carious processes beneath them.

In tooth 84, the old filling was directly on the nerve, so we partially removed the coronal part of the nerve and applied a special agent for nerve healing.

Then, we crowned tooth 84, while teeth 85 and 83 were restored with composite material.

4th visit:

In the final visit, we focused on the left lower segment, removed old fillings, found similar defects as in the right lower segment, and treated tooth 74 with partial nerve removal, application of healing paste, and preparation for crown placement.

Circular caries was noted in tooth 75, which had destroyed the lateral wall, so we decided to cover it with a metal crown.

Next, Alexander visited our orthodontists for scanning to install a space maintainer in the area of the previously removed tooth 64…

Treatment outcome

Alexander is very pleased with the treatment. We bid farewell to him for a couple of months and await the full eruption of his 6th molars to seal their fissures for caries prevention.

Treatment time: 1 month – 4 visits, each lasting 1 hour.

Treatment cost: 11,000 AED

Doctors who treated

Dr. Eldar Guseinov
pediatric dentist;
languages: English, Russian, Turkish
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