Professional Hygiene Without Anesthesia and Pain

Patient Andrey
AirFlow Prophylaxis Master for Sensitive Gums and Enamel

Andrey was referred to me by surgeon-implantologist Dr. Alexander Sinyakov for professional hygiene and correction of home care before the removal of his wisdom teeth. The less plaque and dental deposits in the oral cavity, the faster the healing and recovery process after surgical interventions.

Andrey has heightened tooth sensitivity, reacting to cold and hot, making professional hygiene painful for him. We decided to try the procedure using the AirFlow Prophylaxis Master without anesthesia, as it is specifically designed for such patients.

First, we conducted an examination and took photographic records. Note that the gum area around the upper incisors is redder, indicating inflammation. This area has a lot of microbial biofilm and plaque that the patient does not clean thoroughly daily. To confirm this, we applied a special indicator to the teeth to stain the areas with microbial biofilm. Our suspicions were confirmed.

We performed the professional hygiene using the GBT protocol, which allows for high-quality and nearly painless removal of all supra- and subgingival dental deposits and dense pigmented plaque. Using the AirFlow Prophylaxis Master and erythritol-based powder, we removed the pigmented, soft plaque and all microbial biofilm. Erythritol is the finest powder and water-soluble, allowing for a gentle and almost painless sandblasting process.

Next, in ultrasound mode, the device removed all hard supra- and subgingival dental deposits (tartar). We then performed antiseptic treatment with chlorhexidine and applied strengthening fluoridated gel Fluocal to the teeth.

Andrey was pleasantly surprised that the procedure was painless and promised not to miss scheduled check-ups in the future. We conducted a hygiene lesson, demonstrating the correct technique for brushing teeth with a toothbrush, dental floss, and interdental brushes, and recommended toothpaste. Emphasis was placed on the inflamed areas. Rapid-30 gel-bandage was prescribed for 5 days.

A follow-up examination to reinforce home dental care skills is scheduled for 14 days. If the results are good, the operation to remove the wisdom teeth will be planned. The next professional hygiene session is in 6 months.

Treatment Time: 1 hour

Doctors who treated

Dr. Kristina Polyakova
general dentist, pediatric dentist, hygienist;
languages: English, Russian
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