Removal of all wisdom teeth in one visit

Patient Olga
Date 06.2024
Olga turned to the Polar Bear clinic complaining of pain, gum inflammation, and food getting stuck around her wisdom teeth

Initial Situation

    On the panoramic X-ray and intraoral examination, we can see that all wisdom teeth have erupted, but due to their position far back in the mouth, maintaining hygiene in this area has been challenging for the patient. Consequently, food trapped between the last and second-to-last teeth has caused localized gum inflammation. Additionally, patients often struggle to reach these wisdom teeth with a toothbrush, leading to caries, as visible in the photographs.


    Since all of Olga’s third molars had erupted, we decided to remove them in one visit. Under local anesthesia, without incisions or bone cutting, all wisdom teeth were sequentially extracted. The patient was conscious throughout and reported no pain. After the procedure, stitches were applied, recommendations were given, and the patient was discharged home in good spirits. The entire process, from anesthesia to suturing of all four wisdom teeth, took one hour.

    The following day, Olga reported feeling excellent and experiencing no pain. A week later, the patient informed us that everything was fine, and we removed the stitches.

    Duration and Cost of Treatment

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Cost: 5000 AED Top of Form

    Doctors who treated

    Dr. Tikhon Zhurbenko
    specialist oral surgery, implantoligist, periodontist;
    languages: English, Russian
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