Removal of Retained and Ectopic Wisdom Teeth Prior to Orthodontic Treatment

Patient Danila
Date 05.2024
Danila came to Polar Bear Clinic to correct his bite. After an orthodontic consultation, he was referred to a surgeon for the removal of wisdom teeth, as it is often necessary before commencing treatment with braces or aligners.

Initial Situation

On the panoramic X-ray and intraoral view, we observe that all wisdom teeth are impacted beneath the gums. The upper wisdom teeth are tilted backward and toward the cheeks, while the lower wisdom teeth are impinging on the forward molars. Considering the patient’s age, the position of the teeth, and the fact that the roots are fully formed, we can conclude that the teeth will not erupt on their own and will hinder orthodontic treatment in the future. Wisdom teeth can be removed one at a time during each visit, two from each side, or all four in one procedure. After discussing all options with the patient, we decided to remove them first from one side and then from the other after several weeks.


Under local anesthesia, access was established to both teeth. For the lower tooth, the part impinging on the neighboring tooth was first separated. On the 3D scan, we observed that the lower wisdom tooth had 3 roots, so it was carefully divided into 3 parts, and each root was removed separately. After removal, the socket of each root can be seen (marked with red arrows).

There was no need to separate the upper tooth, and it was removed in one instrument movement within 1 minute. After the operation, stitches were applied, recommendations were given, and the patient was discharged home in good spirits. The entire procedure for removing two wisdom teeth, from anesthesia to suturing, took 40 minutes.

The next day, Danila reported feeling great and experiencing no pain. A week later, the patient informed us that he was feeling fine, and we removed the stitches.

Duration and Cost of Treatment.

Duration: 40 minutes

Cost: 3300 AEDTop of Form

Doctors who treated

Dr. Tikhon Zhurbenko
specialist oral surgery, implantoligist, periodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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