Removal of Wisdom Teeth with Complex Anatomical Features

Patient Georgy
Date 06.2024
Georgy turned to Polar Bear Clinic for the removal of wisdom teeth in the upper and lower jaw before starting orthodontic treatment

Initial Situation

    On the CT scan and three-dimensional jaw reconstruction, we see that in the area of the lower wisdom tooth, the inferior alveolar nerve runs in close proximity to the roots, and the upper tooth on the same side borders the maxillary sinus. The complexity of removing wisdom teeth with such anatomical features lies in the risk of post-operative loss of sensitivity in the lower lip and chin, and the potential for a communication with the maxillary sinus from above. However, since our clinic’s doctors have experience with such clinical cases, we can avoid these complications as mentioned above.


    Under local anesthesia, access to the teeth was established, followed by sectioning of the teeth into several parts for easier extraction. Carefully under magnification, we removed the wisdom teeth without damaging the inferior alveolar nerve in the lower tooth area and without disturbing the maxillary sinus above. After the operation, on follow-up X-rays, we assessed the anatomy of the extracted tooth sockets and confirmed no roots were left behind.

    The next day, Georgy reported full return of sensation after anesthesia and extraction, and no complaints from the maxillary sinus. A week later, the patient informed us that everything was fine, and we removed the stitches.

    Duration and Cost of Treatment

    Duration: 90 minutes

    Cost: 3300 AEDTop of Form

    Doctors who treated

    Dr. Tikhon Zhurbenko
    specialist oral surgery, implantoligist, periodontist;
    languages: English, Russian
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