Replacement of old ceramic veneers

Patient Olga
Placement of four new ceramic veneers on upper incisors

The patient was concerned that in the gingival area of the old ceramic veneers (made 8 years ago); the border of the ceramic-to-tooth transition became visible. This usually occurs because of gingival loss and exposure of the gingival part of the tooth.


On clinical examination, it was determined that all four previously placed veneers affected by this problem. Therefore, the patient wanted to change all of her ceramic restorations. One of the central incisors had been endodontically treated many years ago, and therefore had become discolored (darkened). The patient was warned that in such cases a slight grayness might remain in the gingival area of the tooth, as the color of the darkened tooth root will show through the thin gingiva.

Treatment Progress

On the first visit, the necessary photo protocol done and we proceeded to remove the old restorations. The teeth under the veneers were in good condition, so we immediately took silicone impressions and placed temporary restorations. The impressions and photos sent to the dental laboratory.

Treatment result

After 1 week, the ceramic restorations were ready and

the patient was invited to try them on. At this stage, we evaluate the aesthetics, accuracy of fit, and bite. When we are satisfied with all of these factors, we proceed with their fixation.

The patient invited back in a week for a follow-up examination to assess the condition of the gingiva and bite control.

Recommendations. After ceramic veneers fixation it is recommended to abstain from colorful food and drinks for 2-3 days.

Timing. The entire process of ceramic veneers and bite correction took 2 weeks.


Ceramic veneer – 2,100 AED x4

Temporary restoration – 500 AED x4

Doctors who treated

Dr. Eduard Ziganshin
general dentist, prosthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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