Sealant of Permanent Premolar Fissures

Patient Yuri, 13 years old
Yuri came to our clinic for professional hygiene, and thanks to this, we discovered problems in the fissures of his premolars, which could potentially develop into carious cavities in the future.


Erroneously, many parents and even some doctors believe that only molars require sealing. It’s crucial to visit a dentist for professional check-ups at least every six months. After professional oral hygiene, deep fissures were identified in teeth 25 and 24.

Treatment process

Under topical anesthesia (without injection), isolation of teeth was carried out using a rubber dam system with the application of a caries indicator on the teeth.

After assessing the condition of the teeth, we proceeded to clean the fissures using an air-powder system Air Flow with glycine.

After thorough cleaning, we followed an adhesive alcohol protocol, which helps the sealant adhere well to the teeth for many years.

In this photo, we can observe perfectly clean fissures without any signs of decay.

Treatment outcome

The result immediately after fissure sealing. Yuri will now definitely not have caries on the occlusal surfaces of his premolars. Recommendations for dental care have been provided.

Treatment time: 30 minutes.

Treatment cost:

Dental treatment: 740 AED.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Eldar Guseinov
pediatric dentist;
languages: English, Russian, Turkish
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