Several deep caries close to the nerve were found

Date 06.2024

A female patient and her 16-year-old daughter visited Polar Bear General Dental Clinic for a preventive examination.

After the examination and a CBCT scan, which allows us to detect hidden inflammatory and infectious processes, several deep caries close to the nerve were found.

During childhood/adolescence, we must strive to preserve teeth as much as possible due to the active growth of the cranial and jaw bones and the overall development of the child.

Tooth preparation. In this photo, we can see the size and depth of the carious process and compare it with the previous photo — in the oral cavity, it was hidden, and the tooth appeared healthy. The green color is a caries marker that we always use to ensure no caries is missed. Small remnants near the pulp chamber are permissible as they stain the collagen.

Final preparation and isolation.

Restoration stage.

Completed restoration.

Procedure time: 1.5 hours.

Cost: 940 AED.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Alina Pavlovets
general dentist (endodontics and teeth restoration treatment with microscope);
languages: English, Russian
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