Treatment of Class III malocclusion with reverse curve of Spee and crowding using Damon-Q braces

Patient Evgenia
Date February 2021
Evgenia, 13 years old, came with mom, previously were done treatment with rapid palatal expansion and face mask. Treatment with Damon Q braces with variable torque.


Angle class III, narrow upper  jaw, reversed deep bite and cross-bite in the frontal region, severe crowding and rotations on upper jaw, palatal position and rotation of tooth 2.5.

Before treatment

Treatment goal

  • Expansion  of upper jaw;
  • Correction of cross bite;
  • Derotation and alignment  of all teeth;
  • Creating stable occlusion and  great smile.


Treatment was held with Damon-Q braces with variable torque, no Tads, no extractions.

After installment of upper braces

Treatment result

After treatment installed 2 non-removable retainers on upper and lower jaws and was given removable retainers for night for 12 months.

After debonding

Treatment time

Start treatment with braces May 2019.

End of treatment February 2021.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Natalia Lola
specialist orthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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