Severe crowding prevented with palatal expander

Patient Arsenii (7 yo)
Date 10.2024

Arsenii (7 yo) first visited me at Polar Bear Dental Clinic in October 2024. He still had all his temporary teeth present, though some problems were already seen at this visit.

His narrow jaws were not able to provide enough space for permanent teeth eruption, and our next step was to wait a little bit before his incisors start to change and he will become more comfortable at clinic to allow us perform treatment.

Common approach in these cases is Marco Rosa. And we decided to manufacture it the next year.

When Arsenii came to me in May 2024 his upper permanent incisors started to erupt and we scanned his upper jaw for Marco Rosa (palatal expander). He has chosen design with sticker and 2 colors. After appliance manufacturing we bonded it on his teeth and asked Arsenii’s mother to activate in daily with special screw to allow upper jaw expansion.

After 1 month of activation we see the result not only on upper jaw, but also on the lower. We see, how lower incisors rotate and take their place. Upper central incisors eruption accelerated, and there is enough place for lateral incisors too. We will leave Marco Rosa in Arsenii’s mouth for at least 6 months to prevent relapse.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Ekaterina Kuzheleva
specialist orthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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