Single visit Endodontic-restorative treatment of Maxillary lateral incisor

Treatment of tooth with severe pain and conservative management in single visit

Patient Alexandr
Date 15.12.2023г
31 year old male patient named Alexandr was referred by our collegue with irreversible pulpitis of maxillary left lateral incisor associated with deep caries revealed on removing the orthodontic retainer

Tooth no.22 had deep caries approaching pulp. History of orthodontic treatment and unsatisfactory oral hygiene.

Radiographic examination with intraoral periapical RVG confirmed the clinical findings.


Irreversible pulpitis of tooth no. 22

Treatment Process

Endodontic treatment done in 1 visit including post endodontic restoration with Fiber post- core:

Under local Anaesthesia rubber dam application was done followed by caries removal and conservative access opening under magnification (Microscope). After locating the canal working length determination and cleaning and shaping were done followed by sectional obturation using warm vertical compaction (Thermoplastic). After which fiber post placement and composite core build up were done. No full coverage restoration was advised as the access was conservative. Patient was then referred to orthodontist for retainer placement and advised regular follow up and hygiene maintenance.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Riyaz Godil
specialist endodontist;
languages: English, Arabic, Hindi
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