Manufacturing and installation of a three-quarter E-Max crown on a damaged tooth

Patient Taisia, 15 years old
Date 18.08.2023
Three-quarter ceramic crown fabrication on a severely decayed vital tooth.

Taisiia came to the clinic with a complaint of a chipped tooth 1.5


On clinical examination of the oral cavity we see a fractured palatal wall of tooth 1.5.

The border of the fracture is located at the level of the gingiva, which is the good prognosis for restoration of the tooth. The patient has no further complaints about this tooth, no pain or sensitivity. We also note that a large composite restoration was previously placed on the tooth, and the only cheek wall is left.

The radiologic image shows that the patient had previously undergone pulp amputation – this is when the dentist removes not the entire pulp of the tooth, but only the crown part. This method is mainly used by pediatric dentists when the tooth roots are not yet formed and the tooth is already infected.

Logically, a tooth with such a huge destructions should be covered with a full crown. But in order to do that, we have to prepare the remaining cheek wall of the tooth. And if we make it thin, then the strength of the base of the whole structure decreases, and the composite filling has nothing to hold on to – it is necessary to insert a post in the tooth canal. For this purpose, the remaining pulp in the roots would have to be removed. In order not to go to all unnecessary and unreasonable steps, it was decided to save the remaining cheek wall and make a three-quarter crown of E.max pressed ceramic. Such a construction will not be inferior neither in strength nor in durability.

Treatment progress

On the first visit, the tooth was prepared for the ceramic restoration.

Silicone impressions were taken, the color of the future restoration was determined. All collected data were sent to the dental laboratory.

Treatment result

After 5 days we received the final ceramic restoration, we invited the patient for try in. 

After evaluating the fit, bite and aesthetics, the crown was fixed.


No specific recommendations are imposed after fixation of the ceramic restoration. 

Duration and cost of treatment

The entire process of the ceramic restoration took 5 days to complete

The cost of the ceramic restoration is 2,000 AED.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Eduard Ziganshin
general dentist, prosthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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