Tooth restoration (filling replacement, caries treatment, AirFlow cleaning)

Patient Ivan
Date September 2023
Ivan complained about aesthetic defects in the fillings on his central teeth. As the patient was leaving for Hungary in a few days, where he resides permanently, a decision was made to replace the old restorations.


We diagnosed dentin caries in Ivan. Treatment started with the second upper incisor.

Color matching for the future restoration was done.

Visible defect in the old restoration was observed.

Treatment Process

Treatment is performed using an operating microscope. Anesthesia is administered in the area of the tooth, and surfaces are cleaned using AirFlow technology. A rubber dam is placed to prevent saliva leakage and subsequent development of secondary caries.

The old filling and any infectious process beneath it were removed. Edges were smoothed and polished to ensure good adhesion of the composite material (filling) to the tooth tissues. The final step before restoration is sandblasting using the RONDOflex device to enhance tissue adhesion to the material.

The tooth is restored using filling material, replicating its anatomy.

Final polishing and occlusal adjustment are done.

Treatment Outcome

Treatment Duration

Duration: 1.5 hours.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Alina Pavlovets
general dentist (endodontics and teeth restoration treatment with microscope);
languages: English, Russian
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