Treatment of Ectopic eruption of first permanent molars

Treatment is provided with modified Marco Rossa apply

Patient Sultan, 8 years old
Date 12.2023
Sultan, 8 years old, came with mom with complaints of his narrow upper jaw, angle of eruption of the first permanent molars, no space for lateral incisors and large teeth.


Ectopic eruption of 1 permanent molars, narrow upper jaw, no space for eruption of lateral incisors on the upper jaw.

Treatment goal

Expansion on the upper jaw and correction of  angle of eruption of first permanent molars.  

Treatment is provided with Modified Marco Rossa appliance. At first we installed appliance on upper teeth and put 2 buttons on occlusal surface of teeth 1.6 and 2.6. Then we used elastic chains from these buttons to hooks on the appliance to correct angle of eruption of 1 permanent molars. After 1,5 months we achieved our goals and removed hooks from appliance and prolonged to expand upper jaw with usual protocol of Marco Rossa appliance.

During treatment.

OPG after ectopic eruption correction. 

Doctors who treated

Dr. Natalia Lola
specialist orthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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