Treatment of Front Tooth Dislocation After Trauma

Patient Konstantin
Date 04.2024
During active leisure time, the patient experienced trauma to the central tooth, but timely referral to our clinic and qualified assistance helped overcome unforeseen circumstances.

First Visit:

Late in the evening, Konstantin came to the Polar Bear clinic complaining that one of his teeth had shifted backward after trauma. The patient complained that he could not close his teeth in the usual position.

On the computer tomography, we see that the tooth has shifted, and we also observe a bone fracture in the area of the root.

Under the control of a 3D image, we repositioned the tooth and bone fragment into their natural positions.

Then we fixed the traumatized tooth to two adjacent teeth using a retainer.

After such trauma, it is recommended to abstain from hard food and traumatic sports. Mandatory compliance with personal oral hygiene.

Second Visit:

After 3 weeks, we took a control X-ray, removed the retainer, and conducted a tooth vitality test. The tooth remained alive.

Treatment Outcome:

Thanks to timely referral to the clinic and proper assistance from specialists, not only was the tooth saved but its vitality was also preserved.

Duration and Cost of Treatment:

Duration: 3 weeks

 Cost: 2000 AED

Doctors who treated

Dr. Tikhon Zhurbenko
specialist oral surgery, implantoligist, periodontist;
languages: English, Russian
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