Treatment of hidden caries

Patient Polina
Polina came to Polar Bear General Dental Clinic for a preventive check up and we found hidden caries between the central incisors, which could later lead to pain and tooth decay.

Initial situation

On teeth 11 and 21, we see dark spots inside the tooth, which tell us that there is
caries inside.

After the enamel preparation, we see caries cavities.

The decay on the tooth has been completely removed.

View of the teeth immediately after restoration.

View of the teeth after polishing the restorations.

Final result.

This case shows us the importance of preventive check up. Sometimes a patient may not bebothered by anything, but caries has developed inside the teeth and requires treatment.

Duration and cost of treatment.
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: 1,340 AED

Doctors who treated

Dr. Mariia Ranzhurova
general dentist (restorative dentistry, teeth cleaning and whitening);
languages: English, Russian
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