Treatment of hidden tooth decay and aesthetic restoration

Patient Victoria
Date September 2023
Victoria came in for a preventive check-up with no specific concerns.


During the examination, a photographic protocol (images of all teeth) and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) were performed. The CBCT revealed hidden decay on tooth 1.5. In the photos, it is visible that the wall closer to tooth 1.4 is illuminated.

Treatment Process

Anesthesia is administered in the area of the tooth to be treated.
The treatment area is isolated using temporary isolation for initial tooth processing.
Treatment is performed under a microscope. We remove some tissue and observe the previously hidden carious process.

We changed the rubber dam for better isolation, removed all carious tissue as carefully as possible, aiming to preserve as much healthy tooth tissue as possible.

The tooth is restored, replicating its natural anatomy. This method ensures no changes in the bite, as our restoration is anatomically accurate and identical to the original tooth.

Treatment Outcome

Final polishing, images from various angles to control the quality of our restoration.

Treatment Duration

Duration: 1.5 hours

Doctors who treated

Dr. Alina Pavlovets
general dentist (endodontics and teeth restoration treatment with microscope);
languages: English, Russian
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