Treatment of pulpitis of a deciduous tooth and sealing of a permanent tooth in one visit for a 9-year-old patient

Patient Bogdan
Bogdan came to our clinic for treatment of deep caries on deciduous tooth 65 and for sealing with a hermetic on permanent tooth 26


The carious cavity was discovered by the patient’s mother during a home hygiene check, which underscores the importance of this procedure at this stage of the patient’s life. Allowing a child of this age to be left to their own devices in such an important aspect as dental hygiene could lead to an unsatisfactory outcome.

Treatment process

Under topical and computer anesthesia using the STA system, teeth were isolated with a rubber dam.

After evaluating the condition of the teeth, we proceeded with cleaning the fissures of the permanent tooth using the Air Flow air-powder system with glycine. Subsequently, a necrectomy procedure (removal of affected tooth tissues) was performed. Unfortunately, the dentin of the deciduous tooth was severely affected, and the process reached the nerve of the tooth.

In the photo, we see the cavity opening, and the decision was made to perform pulpotomy (removal of only the inflamed coronal portion of the nerve) through micro-access to preserve important tissues on the chewing surface of the tooth. Such access is possible only with high manual skills of the doctor and using magnification.

The prepared tooth cavity was covered with a special material Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA).

After thorough and lengthy tooth cleaning, we proceeded with an adhesive alcohol protocol, which greatly helps the hermetic and filling material adhere to the teeth for many years.

Fissures of the permanent tooth are sealed with a hermetic to prevent food ingress, and the wall of the deciduous tooth is restored with quality Italian filling material.

Treatment outcome

Result immediately after treatment. Bogdan is very pleased and mentioned that he felt absolutely nothing during the treatment.

Treatment time: 45 minutes

Cost of treatment: 1600 AED

Doctors who treated

Dr. Eldar Guseinov
pediatric dentist;
languages: English, Russian, Turkish
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