Unaesthetic appearance of anterior restorations


Recently, a patient came to the Polar Bear General Dental Clinic with a complaint about the unaesthetic appearance of anterior (front) restorations.

Restorations were made about 2 years ago.

This patient has certain characteristics of the color of his teeth: a streaked form of fluorosis – the teeth have white striations.

And here it is very important to choose the right color for the future restoration so that it is harmonious.

Our task is to very carefully and non-invasively remove old fillings in order to leave as much of your dental tissue as possible.

We also see hidden caries on the medial surface of the first incisor.

At the stage of final preparation and isolation.

Finished restoration.

Restoration in the oral cavity.

Working time: 2 hours.

Cost: 2440 units.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Alina Pavlovets
general dentist (endodontics and teeth restoration treatment with microscope);
languages: English, Russian
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