Treating cavities and teeth cleaning after an X-Ray dental image

Patient Mark
Date 1.08.2023
Mark and his mother were concerned about 64 teeth and requested me restore it with a crown.


We always start the initial oral exam with a full photo protocol and X-ray diagnostics.

This case is no exception, especially since there were no complaints of pain.


Photos of teeth show us:

  • Abundant dental plaque on all teeth;
  • A deep cavity on the 64th tooth;
  • Caries on the 65th tooth.

We know that the cavity exists on the 64th tooth for a long time, and without an X-ray, the diagnosis of “pulpitis” would be a medical mistake.


The X-ray image confirmed my fears: internal resorption of the root of 64 teeth and signs of inflammation of the alveolar bone of the jaw are a sign that it is simply impossible to preserve the tooth and treat it according to the diagnosis of “pulpitis”.

Tooth extraction is required so that the growing permanent 24 tooth does not suffer.

Treatment done

Professional dental hygiene
Caries treatment

Before removal, professional dental hygiene was necessarily carried out and caries on the adjacent 65 tooth was cured. After that, during the same visit, we removed 64 teeth.

Mark is 9 years old, so in the coming year we expect a problem-free eruption of a permanent 24 tooth in place of a removed inflamed milk tooth!

Duration and cost of treatment

The appointment took 45 minutes.

Cost 1530 aed.

Doctors who treated

Dr. Varvara Vislenko
Founder of the clinics “White Bear” (St. Petersburg, Russia) and Polar Bear General Dental Clinic (Dubai, UAE)
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