What to do if a primary tooth won’t fall out?

Patient Vera
Date 06.2024
Vera's baby teeth are not resorbing in time, while her permanent teeth are hurrying to erupt fully.

By the time Vera’s appointment arrived, she couldn’t loosen her baby tooth herself, so it was decided to combine treatment and extraction under a single anesthesia session.

Vera’s baby tooth root did not resorb in time, so it will not fall out naturally without the dentist’s help in any case.

Under topical anesthesia, computer-controlled infiltration anesthesia was performed. Dental plaque removal with Cleanic paste, infiltration anesthesia with “Ultracaine DS,” extraction of tooth 71, and hemostasis were carried out.

The tooth was placed in a box and given to our little patient as a keepsake, so she could exchange it with the tooth fairy for a gift.

Time: 15 min

Cost: 635 AED

Doctors who treated

Dr. Kristina Polyakova
general dentist, pediatric dentist, hygienist;
languages: English, Russian
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