Zoom Teeth Whitening

Patient Quentin, 24 years male
Date 10.2023
In-office bleaching (Zoom Whitening ) of discoloured teeth

24 year old male patient named Quentin reported with concern of yellowish discolouration of teeth

On examination: Generalized moderate intrinsic yellowish discolouration of teeth. Pre operative shade evaluation was done and found to be A3 and A3.5.


Post eruptive colour changes of dental hard tissues.

Treatment Process

Treatment done in 2 visits comprising of total 4 sessions of Zoom whitening (professional in-office bleaching) using 25% Hydrogen peroxide gel. Duration of each session was 15 minutes.

Visit 1:

After pre op shade determination teeth were polished with low speed rotay brush and prophy paste after which teeth were isolated with lips and cheeks retraction, cotton rolls and gingiva protected with gingival barrier. Zoom whitening gel (25% hydrogen peroxide) was applied to teeth comprising the smile line (premolar to premolar) and activated using Zoom light for 15 minutes. The gel was the removed using suction and wiped off from teeth. The gel was the reapplied and the process was repeated for session 2 and 3. As patient complained of sensitivity session 4 was postponed to 4 days later. Immediate post operative shade evaluation showed considerable improvement to shade A2 and B2. Patient was advised to avoid coloured and pigmented foods and beverages for 3 days.

Visit 2:

After 4 days patient was recalled for evaluation and 4th session of Zoom whitening. The gel application and activation using zoom light was done as mentioned earlier. Post operative shade evaluation showed significant improvement in the shade from A3 and A3.5 pre-operatively to A1 and B1 post-operatively. Patient was highly satisfied with the results. Patient was advised to avoid coloured and pigmented foods and beverages for another 3 days.  

Time: 2 hours

Cost: 2200 AED

Doctors who treated

Dr. Riyaz Godil
specialist endodontist;
languages: English, Arabic, Hindi
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