CBCT Scan 3D X-Ray Dental imaging

In modern dentistry, digital technologies have become an integral part of accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

One of the advanced technologies in this field is 3D computer tomography, providing unique capabilities for creating three-dimensional images of oral cavity structures.

Principle of operation of 3D computer tomography:

3D tomography is based on the use of X-rays to create three-dimensional images of internal structures of the oral cavity.
The technology allows obtaining more detailed and accurate images than traditional methods, significantly improving diagnosis and treatment planning.*


  • More accurate diagnosis of diseases and pathologies;
  • Precise planning of surgical interventions;
  • Minimal impact on the patient with maximum treatment efficiency;
  • Enhancement of the quality of patient care.


  • Planning for dental implantation;
  • Diagnosis of diseases of the jaws and paranasal sinuses;
  • Assessment of the condition of root canals before endodontic treatment.


  • Pregnancy (in critical cases);
  • Allergy to contrast agent (when used);
  • Acute respiratory infection (to prevent the spread of infection).*

Procedure of 3D Tomography:

Safety and Radiation Exposure:

One of the main concerns when using X-ray technologies is safety. In the case of 3D tomography, the radiation dose is minimal and absolutely safe for the patient.

All necessary measures are taken to minimize radiation exposure, ensuring the highest safety standard during the procedure.

3D computer tomography opens new horizons in diagnostics and treatment planning in dentistry. This advanced technology allows dentists to provide highly individualized and effective treatment, ensuring the highest standard of patient care.

Dr. Aleksandr Siniakov
specialist oral surgery;
languages: English, Russian


CBCT (16*9, 2 jaws)
945 AED
CBCT 1 jaw
525 AED


photo protocol
Dental treatment photo protocol

During the initial consultation we will definitely carry out photodiagnostics of the condition of the teeth and portrait photography in our photo studio if you are preparing for orthodontic treatment, prosthetics, or teeth whitening. Next we take a photo of the current treatment and at the end you can see the result of your treatment in the photo.

Photos are attached to your electronic health record and help you participate equally and track your treatment progress.

Painless treatment

A mixture of nitric oxide and oxygen in a small concentration reduces the level of anxiety and control in anticipation of what is happening in the dentist's chair.
Indicated for children after three years for any type of treatment, adolescences and adults as well.

Digital treatments protocols

We have implemented accurate digital protocols for surgical planning and aesthetic prosthetics in adult patients in the planning of orthodontic treatment for the smallest patients in difficult cases.

Comprehensive approach

Each patient who comes to our clinic for the first time receives a detailed comprehensive consultation of several specialists on the state of oral health. This is necessary in order to develop an individualized treatment plan that is suitable for this particular person, based on a complex of problems in the oral cavity, and not on a single decayed tooth.

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