Invisalign aligner system

Individual aligners for a perfect smile

Advantages of treatment on aligners

Aligners are the choice of modern people. We are proactive, multitasking, free. It is important for us not to be tied to a place and time.
Aligners provide high-quality orthodontic treatment adapting to our life style.
It can be removed
Mouth guards are removed during meals, as well as for brushing teeth and the aligners themselves. This is very convenient if you want to nibble an apple, nuts, etc. In addition, it can be removed before an important event if you are shy about designs on your teeth.
No pain
The oral mucosa and gums are safe because the aligners are smooth and neat. It simply have nothing to cut or rub delicate fabrics with.
No metal
This is an important point for people with an allergic reaction or intolerance. Aligners are made of hypoallergenic material.
Преиущества использования системы элайнеров Invisalign Преиущества использования системы элайнеров Invisalign
Minimum appointments to the doctor
The use of aligners allows you to reduce the number of visits to the orthodontist throughout the entire treatment period.
Excellent result
With all gentle advantages for the patient, aligners perfectly cope with the solution of the set orthodontic tasks. This does not exclude the need for a retention period to consolidate and retain the result obtained.
Enamel is under protection
The material from which the mouth guards are made, as well as their very design, are completely safe even for sensitive enamel.

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Your smile
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Invisalign SmileView

The process of treatment
with Invisalign aligners

  1. The patient and the doctor meet at the initial consultation. The examination will make it clear whether orthodontic treatment is possible in this case.

  2. At the second meeting, diagnostic methods are used: photo protocol, 3D scanning, tomographic examination and other manipulations that will allow you to make the most accurate model of your jaws and teeth. The doctor shows how the bite and smile will change over the weeks, explains how long the treatment will last, what result will be achieved.

  3.  Do you agree with everything?
    Then the process of manufacturing an individual set of aligners starts. At the beginning of treatment the doctor will install colorless little hooks – attachments on your teeth. They are necessary to ensure the full operation of the set. After the treatment is completed, the attachments will be removed without a trace on the enamel.

  4. The orthodontist prescribes the optimal schedule of meetings to monitor the treatment process. You can change the set yourself when the next set comes due.

  5. At the final meeting you and your doctor evaluate the results of orthodontic treatment and discuss the further retention period.

    So, are we starting work on the dream smile?

Dr. Natalia Lola
specialist orthodontist;
languages: English, Russian
Dr. Ekaterina Kuzheleva
specialist orthodontist;
languages: English, Russian

Orthodontic treatment with INVISALIGN aligners (USA)

Diagnosis and preparation of an INVISALIGN

Photos, scanning, CBCT included + ceph

2 500 AED
INVISALIGN virtual treatment plan

Initial deposit – 6 000 AED No less then 50% of treatment plan

6 500 - 23 000 AED
Examination as part of aligner treatment
150 AED
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